The 2024 Libera Awards will be presented live on Monday, June 10, 2024 at Gotham Hall in New York City.

The 2024 Libera Awards Timeline
Oct 16 2023 – Submissions Opened
Dec 4 2023 – Submissions Closed
Jan 17 2024 – 1st Round Voting Begins
Jan 30 2024 – 1st Round Voting Ends
Mar 20 2024 – Nominees Announcement & Final Round Voting Begins
April 3, 2024 – Final Round Voting Ends
June 10 2024 –  Libera Awards Ceremony

To qualify, artists/submissions must be independently owned/controlled, and commercially released in the United States and its Territories between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. Single tracks, EPs, and albums can qualify for all categories listed as Best Record. See eligibility criteria for each category for here.

Submissions are now closed.

Best Record From Games and Interactive Media will recognize the growing importance of video game music and honor outstanding original music composed for video games. 

Publisher of the Year will honor the publishing company that has demonstrated exceptional commitment to songwriters, composers, and the broader independent industry. 

Distributor of the Year will celebrate the distributor that has made significant contributions to the distribution of independent music.

See all 2024 Libera Award categories here.

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The name “Libera” comes from the Latin “liberare,” meaning “to free.” Liberta was the goddess of liberty – a significant figure in Roman mythology, revered as the goddess of freedom.

A2IM worked with the Portland-based artist, Zak Gere, to create a statuette that represented liberation. The dancing woman captures movement, strength, and freedom. She was originally done in wire. You can see examples of Zak’s wire work in the linked article above.

Voting & solicitation guidelines

Certain Libera Awards logos are approved for use in solicitation communications. The approved logos can be accessed here. Libera Awards logos may not be edited, modified or changed.

  • All solicitations must include the language “For Your Consideration.”
  • Solicitations cannot be designed to look like official A2IM communication.
  • Solicitations cannot insult or defame other nominees, artists, labels, etc.
  • Solicitations cannot over embellish or misrepresent the nominees.